Pork Dishes

Ant on A Tree8.95
Dry Cooked Intestine Hot Pot13.95
Intestine in Spicy Gravy Hot Pot13.95
Twice Cooked Pork Szechuan Style9.95
Smoked Pork with Garlic Leaf9.95
Toss-Fried Shredded Pork12.95
Wild Chili Pork Tripe9.95
Dry Cooked Pork Riblet Hot Pot13.95
Chives & Pork with Soft Tofu13.95
Pork with Hot Hoisin Sauce w/4 Pancakes13.95
Pork & Soft Tofu with Hot & Spicy Gravy13.95
Chopped Pepper with Pork w/4 Pancakes13.95
Chives & Dry Bean Curd with Pork12.95
Dry Cooked Smoked Pork Hot Pot13.95
Shredded Pork with Hot Garlic Sauce9.95
Moo shu Pork w/4 Pancakes10.95
String Bean Pork9.95
Wild Chili Pork10.95
Pork with Crispy Noodle10.95
Wild Chili Intestine9.95
Pork Riblet with Gai Choy12.95
Pork Riblet in Curry Sauce12.95
Chinese Celery & Dry Bean Curd Pork12.95
Dong Po Pork14.99
Intestine & Fish in Hot Sauce15.99