Seafood Dishes

Szechuan Flavor CrabSeasonal Price
Ginger & Green Onion CrabSeasonal Price
House Special Chili CrabSeasonal Price
Szechuan Style Prawns with Shell13.95
Toss-Fried Prawns with Shell13.95
House Special Chili Prawns with Shell13.95
Prawns with Salt and Pepper with Shell13.95
Prawns with hot Garlic Sauce10.95
Prawns with Vegetable10.95
Chives and Prawns with Dry Bean Curd13.95
Wild Chili Prawns10.95
Prawns with String Bean11.95
Kung Pao Prawns10.95
Prawns with Cucumber13.95
Honey Walnut Crispy Prawns13.95
Moo Shu Prawns w/4 pancakes12.95
Squid with Pickled Pepper11.95
Squid with Salt and Pepper13.95
Chives and Squid with Dry Bean Curd13.95
Szechuan Style Squid13.95
Toss-Fried Squid13.95
House Special Chili Squid13.95
Chives and Seafood with Soft Tofu15.95
Seafood and Soft Tofu with hot & Spicy Gravy15.99
Seafood Tofu Casserole13.95
Seafood with Curry Sauce13.95