Fish Dishes

Sliced Fish in Pickled Vegetable Soup13.95
Chives with Diced Fish11.95
Diced Fish with Pickled Chili11.95
Soft Tofu & Sliced Fish with Hot & Spicy Gravy14.95
Steamed Fish13.95
Fish with Hot Black Bean Sauce13.95
Chives & Fish with Soft Tofu14.95
Kung Pao Crispy Fish11.95
Mandarin Crispy Fish11.95
Honey Walnut Crispy Fish11.95
Deep Fried Fish Szechuan Style13.95
Sesame Crispy Fish11.95
Orange Fish11.95
Sliced Fish in Hot & Spicy Gravy13.95
Braised Whole Fish in Supreme Sauce14.95
Hot Braised Whole Fish14.95
Hot Bean Sauce Whole Fish14.95