Beef Dishes

Sliced Beef & Soft Tofu w/Hot & Spicy Gravy13.95
Toss-Fried Beef12.95
Slicked Beef in Hot & Spicy Gravy11.95
Beef with hot Hoisin Sauce w/4 Pancakes13.95
Chopped Pepper with Beef w/4 Pancakes13.95
Chives & Beef with Soft Tofu13.95
Dry Cooked Beef Tendon Hot Pot14.95
Beef Tendon Szechuan Style12.95
Beef Tendon in Special Gravy Hot Pot14.95
Chinese Celery & Dry Bean Curd Beef12.95
Beef with Curry Sauce10.95
Beef Tendon with Potato Casserole13.95
Wild Chili Beef9.95
Moo Shu Beef w/4 Pancakes10.95
Mongolian Beef9.95
Broccoli Beef9.95
String Bean Beef9.95
Chives & Beef with Dry Bean Curd12.95
Cucumber with Beef10.95
Mom Style Beef Honey Comb13.95